Terms & Conditions

Please review our term and conditions, if you have questons

Return Policy

1. If you're not satisfied with your portraits, and a retake date is available at your school, APVisions Photography will retake your photo (Fall only). Simply bring the entire package with you on retake day and return it to the photographer. If a retake date is not available at your school, you may request a refund.

2. Complete satisfaction is guaranteed. APVisions Photography will refund full payment if all portraits are returned within 10 days of receipt. To receive a refund, simply return the entire package to the address below with attention:

5038 Shapleigh Ct, Dublin
California, US
Phone: (925) 551 8037
Email: smile@apvisions.com

Digital Downloads

Important: Please review the download terms. Once you have downloaded your images, there are NO REFUNDS.

By downloading, you agree to the terms and conditions of the download. I agree to these terms of the download. Download must occur within 10 days of receiving your download instructions. All of your pictures taken are high resolution images. If for some reason you not able to download, please call or email APVisions Photography:

  • Email smile@apvisions.com
  • Call (925)-551-8037