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School FAQ's

The average class of 25 students takes approximately: 25 minutes for Grade PK through Grade 2 20 minutes for Grade 3 through Grade 6 15 to 20 minutes for Grade 7 through Grade 11 We photograph all students by name using our personalized flyer-order envelope. Approximately 4 to 5 weeks prior to the picture date, we will ask your school to supply us with a student & staff list. The student list should include name, grade, homeroom, teacher name and student ID number. The staff list should include name, salutation and position. The file format should be an Excel or Comma Delimited file. The flyer-order envelope will arrive at the school with the student names sorted by grade, homeroom or teacher name.
A Classes should arrive at the photographer in an orderly fashion with the help of a teacher or moderator present. Students should come to the photographer with the flyer-order envelope in hand.
Yes. Although we try not to make picture day the school's responsibility, the day will move along much more smoothly with the school's help. The school can help in the following ways: If the school has a particular schedule that has to be followed, just send it to us ahead of time and review it with our photographers. If possible, supplying parent aides to help the photographers stay on schedule. Following the time structure for classes stated earlier. By making sure students come to the photographers according to the guidelines stated earlier.
If you are part of a school that participates in a make-up day program you will have the opportunities to do so then. If you are not a t a school hat participates, it is possible the school has a spring program. Otherwise please contact us for any questions.
Yes. Although we do limit the number of children photographed to two on a regular school picture day, if demand for multi-children photographs is high, we can set up a special Buddy picture day at the school at another time. There is a fee per child in the photo of $15 inaddtion to the package you purchase. Please contact our office or see the photographer to find out when it would be the best time to bring children to the camera for this type of photograph.
A suitable place for picture taking would be: gym, stage, library or an empty classroom (without desks). Each photography setup takes an area of 12 x 17 feet. This allows us enough room for students to move through the process and create a smooth picture day.
Parents are to contact A.P.Visions directly. There is documentation included in every portrait booklet about procedures they should follow.
  • Yes, we do! We offer many special programs including:
  • SPRING SALES – These programs can benefit the parents by offering another opportunity to have their children photographed. The programs can benefit the school as an additional "fund raiser.
  • CLASS GROUPS – Large & Small Class Groups, Graduating Classes.
  • SPORTS – Individuals and Team Photography, Candid Photography and League Photography
  • SENIOR PORTRAITS – Senior portraits can be taken at your school.
  • SPECIAL EVENTS – Corporate Events, Proms, Dances, etc.
  • YEARBOOK SERVICES – We offer everything for Yearbooks from software to printing and binding.
  • Visit our School Services page or call us for more details (925) 551-8037.

Customer Service FAQ's

No, it is not too late. Please contact our customer service team at (925) 551-8037. There may be a $6.50 late order / shipping and handling fee, applied to your order.
Accessing your digital download online is easy. Go to Click on "What are you looking for?" then "Download My Image." Enter your secure personalized password (on the receipt or included on the Quick & Convenient Digital Image Page in your picture package) and click “get download”.
SCHOOL PREPAY ORDERS – Your pictures will take approximately 4 weeks from picture day to be returned to the school for distribution in your child’s classroom. SCHOOL ONLINE/PROOF ORDERS – Online orders, with shipping to the home, will ship approximately 4 weeks from the online order date. SENIOR ORDERS – Your senior picture order takes approximately 6 to 8 weeks from your order date. You do have the option to pay a rush fee that will guarantee that your pictures will be shipped 2 weeks from the date of your order. (They will be shipped within the 2 weeks, plus shipping time).
Your school may have scheduled an Absentee/Retake day. Please refer to the back of your portrait booklet for Retake date, or contact our customer service team at (925) 551-8037.
Your child will need to bring the complete picture package to school on the retake day to give to the photographer. We will then print your order again with the new picture and the package will be returned to the school and given to your child.
The photos will be available approximately one week after picture day. Go to Click on "What are you looking for?" then "Access Pictures/Public Order Galleries" Scroll down until you find your school name (listed alphabetically) or event (you may need to click the drop down menu under your school name). You do not need an access code or password to view/purchase from the Public Order Galleries.
PRIOR TO PICTURE DAY – If the access code is not working prior to Picture Day, please contact our customer service team at (925) 551-8037. The access code on your Prepay flyer will not work after Picture Day. AFTER PICTURE DAY – If it is just after Picture Day, prior to anyone receiving their pictures, you will need to call our customer service team to place a late order over the phone. Once picture packages have been delivered the individual student access codes are located on the back of your portrait booklet. The access codes are case sensitive.
Yes; you will need to wait until the photos/proofs are processed and delivered to the school for distribution. At that time, you will receive an access code that is specific for your child’s photos. You will then be able to log in to our website and place an order for pictures. These orders will take approximately 4 weeks for delivery.

Products and packages FAQ's

To redeem your free Hi-Res Digital Image with purchase: 1: Add products to cart. 2: Add Hi-Res Image to cart from the Photos & Gifts page, from the digital category. 3: Enter your coupon code on the Shopping Cart page.
Digital items, such as the hi-res digital image download, are ready about 10 business days after Picture Day. Please check your spam folders as the digital deliverys commonly go to spam. Your email will be from
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A.P.Visions is the owner of the copyright of the portraits we capture. Images purchased from A.P.Visions in printed format may not be copied or altered unless you have received written permission from Lifetouch Inc. However, if you purchase a digital image from us, you will receive a release allowing you to use that image for any lawful purpose, including making an unlimited number of reprints through a vendor of your choice. If you do not want your child's portrait reproduced in any school, league, or organization publications, please contact your school, league, or organization administration..

Ordering FAQ's

Fill out your envelope, seal it and return it school or teacher prior to picture day. Payments include check, money order, pre-pay online or credit card. Please enclose credit card info sealed in your picture day envelope as well as contact info. Please no cash. Your receipt for your photos is your proof of payment check, credit or money order. Cash will not give you a receipt we want to insure we received your order so please use other payments. You may also contact us and make a credit card payment over the phone, call our customer service for assistance, call (925) 551-8037.
Order on the A.P.Visions website using the Access Code found on your order insert sheet, which is the sheet with your child's image on it.
A Access Code, found on your insert, is unique to your child, league, or organization and is used to order before Picture Day. A Portrait ID and Access Code is unique to your student and is usually used after Picture Day, and these are found on your proof sheet. To see samples of these, go to Find my Access Code. If you don’t have your proof sheet, call our customer service for assistance, call (925) 551-8037.
If your school, league, or organization accepts orders before Picture Day, and your child was photographed, then you can place an order online after Picture Day. Use the Access Code on your child’s order insert (proof sheets arrive home about two weeks after Picture Day). Your order will be shipped to the school league or home, so you will need to pay the shipping and handling fee if it ships to you home. For school programs that only accept orders after Picture Day, you’ll get a order insert sent home if your child was photographed. This proof sheet includes the order due date and your child’s Access Code. If you order after the due date, your order will be shipped to your home so you will need to pay the shipping and handling fee.
Class pictures are produced separately from portait packages. In some cases, we work with the school to get class pictures ready. It may take until the end of the year for these to be ready and delivered.

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